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Pre-planning your move into the new home is extremely important. The guide below is a good start to creating your schedule for the move into your home.

Four Week

    • Contact moving companies for estimates.
    • Inventory household goods. Photograph valuables.
    • Downsize: Sell, donate or toss unwanted items. Be ruthless.
    • Get transcripts of children’s school records.
    • Check auto registration and licensing requirements at the new location.
    • Check with insurance agent on coverage of household goods en route to new home.

Three Weeks

    • Pick up anything being repaired, serviced or on layaway.
    • Fill out change of address forms at Post Office.
    • Notify friends, family, credit card companies, magazines, department stores, etc. of new address.

Two Weeks

    • Schedule a date for a transfer to the new owner and termination of your responsibility for all utilities. Provide your new address for final billing.
    • Transfer or resign organization or club memberships.
    • Start packing (for do-it-yourselfers).
    • Arrange appliance servicing for move, if needed.
    • Check on disposal of hazardous materials, including paint.

One Week

    • Cancel newspaper delivery, trash pick-up, etc.
    • Arrange to have utilities transferred or turned on at your new location.

Moving Day

    • Be available to answer the mover’s questions.
    • Make final check of rooms - closets, drawers, cupboards, etc.
    • Sweep or vacuum.
    • Lock up and take off.
    • Make sure that the utilities are connected at your new home.

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