Working with a real estate agent on the purchase of a home has many aspects, and in each transactions there are always two sides. Understanding the relationship you have with a Realtor and getting the best representation for your purchase is a matter that state regulatory agencies and the Realtor organization have addressed over the years. Transparency is the key.

Mandatory Real Estate Relationship Disclosure

Realtors are licensed by the state and must adhere to regulations and a code of ethics developed by these organizations. To help you know exactly how the agent is working in a transaction, the Rhode Island Association of Realtors developed a mandatory relationship disclosure form, which we have as a pdf document on this page for your information.

Your Realtor can explain any questions you may have about how she or he will work with you. The form is not a binding contract between you and the agent, but merely an indication that you understand the relationship. All Realtors are required to have you sign the form with the indication of the relationship. In some cases, the relationship may change because of the circumstances, and the law requires us to have you sign a new form each time.

Though it may look daunting, the information should be fairly clear.



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