Adopt-A-Family This Holiday Season

11/03/11 by Residential Properties Ltd.

 This holiday season seems to be rushing in on us.  For some it is a great time, but for others the economy has taken a huge toll on their resources.  That is why we see it as a necessary task to be involved in community projects.  Again this year, Residential Properties is pleased to commend Sandra Soares, an agent in our Cumberland office, for her work with the Woonsocket Adopt-A-Family. Residential Properties finds giving back of great importance and is proud that Sandy has been associated with the organization since 1989. A past president and current Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Sandy has served as Program Coordinator since 1999. 

Adopt-A-Family, Inc. is a non-profit Rhode Island corporation whose mission is to provide Christmas to needy children in Woonsocket. The agency was started in 1983 by a group of volunteers, and has been a popular local charity in Northern Rhode Island ever since. In 1992, the Woonsocket Adopt-A-Family began keeping annual records. Since then over 30,000 children have been provided for in a city where 35% of children under the age of six live below the poverty level.

Annually, the organization receives applications from nearly 1,200 families in Woonsocket. The last eight years they have been successful in providing for 100% of those eligible. In 2010 the group produced presents for over 2,200 kids from more than 1,000 families—that’s roughly 100 classrooms of children. Each year, they are able to bring approximately $325,000 worth of goods into the city through donations, which mainly consist of toys, clothes, and donations. The organization also raises approximately $20,000 per year to purchase toys, games, and clothes for children without assigned donors.

As normal but especially this year, Adopt-A-Family is in need of donors, and volunteers. For the many reasons to give, there are more as to why these families need assistance. Many of these families’ parents are out of work, or working but in school trying to make a future for themselves and their children.  Their budgets are stretched to the point of breaking, and some have.

In addition to individuals and families ‘adopting,’ the group receives assistance from many organizations, corporations, companies, churches, and offices, who work together and pool their resources for the cause. Adopt-A-Family welcomes and is searching for those who can to join them this year as volunteers and contributors. The organization also works in tandem with the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, which is another way to help this season.

The best way to contact Sandy Soares for more information is via email at

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