March 19th, 2019

Rhode Island winters are not for the faint at heart. But for those who can brave the cold, a fresh sheet of snow can transform our surroundings into a sparkling wonderland.

Luckily, our agents never shy away from a challenge, enduring the elements each year to capture a strong collection of submissions for our Winter Photo Contest. We’d like thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest, including all of the agents who ventured out into the snow to snap the perfect photo, as well as all of our friends on Facebook who took the time to submit their votes.

It’s a joy to review all of the photo entries as they flood in throughout the season, but, inevitably, we’re faced with the tough task of narrowing the field down to a few select finalists. This year we chose a strong group of five finalists before asking our loyal group of followers on Facebook to decide our winner by “Liking” their favorite photo.

After tallying the votes, it is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2019 RPL Winter Photo Contest is RPL Barrington Sales Associate, Eddie Rayden with his shot of Muscachuck Beach in Barrington. Eddie’s photo featured a young person playing pond hockey on the frozen waters of Muscachuck Beach, lined by tall grass and set against the backdrop of a colorful sunset. The photo received a total of 55 votes, edging out the competition by just 10 Likes. This was Eddie’s second consecutive RPL Photo Contest victory, earning him a free property video and website package compliments of the RPL Marketing Department. Congratulations Eddie!

See the full contest results below.


Winning Photo: Eddie Rayden – Muscachuck Beach – Barrington (55 Votes)

Eddie Rayden - Muscachuck Beach - Barrington


Second Place: Rebecca Mayer – Turner Reservoir Swans – East Providence (45 Votes)

Rebecca Mayer - Turner Reservoir Swans - East Providence5

Third Place: Kim Horvath – India Point Sunset – Providence (30 Votes) 

Processed With Darkroom

Fourth Place: Judy Croyle – Snow Bench – Pawtuxet Cove (24 Votes)

Judy Croyle - Snow Bench - Pawtuxet Cove3

Fifth Place: Sabine Schaefers – Prospect Terrace Park – East Side of Providence (22 Votes)

Sabine Schaefers - Prospect Terrace Park - East Side of Providence

March 6th, 2018

The 2018 RPL Winter Photo Contest results are in! As always, I’d like to start by thanking everyone who made this contest such a success, including each of you who entered submissions and all of our wonderful friends on Facebook who took the time to submit their votes.

Due to your engagement and participation, this was our most successful contest in the 10+ year history of the competition. The contest post reach nearly 7,000 people on Facebook and received a grand total of 651 votes.

Typically, the winner of the contest is the photo that comes closest to, or eclipses 100 votes. However, this season we had three photos receive over 145 votes each! With that said, one photo was eventually able to separate from the pack and capture the crown.

It is my pleasure to announce that the winner of the 2018 RPL Winter Photo Contest is RPL East Greenwich Sales Associate, Stacy Rastelli with her photo of the Coventry Reservoir. Stacy’s photo beautifully captured a trail of snowy footprints crossing over the bridge and disappearing into the distant setting sun on the horizon. Her photo became the contest’s first entry to ever break the 200 vote barrier, receiving a total of 208 votes.

See the full contest results below.


Winning Photo: Coventry Reservoir – Stacy Rastelli (208 Votes)

Stacy Rastelli - Coventry Reservoir - Western Coventry3


Second Place: Christmas Eve Morning on Narragansett Bay – Barbara Dacey (150 Votes)

Barbara Dacey - Christmas Eve morning - Narragansett Bay


Third Place: Smoke on the Water – Jamestown – Susan Baccari (148 Votes) 

Susan Baccari - Jamestown sunrise - Jamestown


Fourth Place: Winter Wonderland – Cumberland – Cheryl Davis (65 Votes)

Cheryl Davis - Snow Covered Trees - Cumberland copy


Fifth Place: Prospect Terrace Park on College Hill – Sabine Schaefers (52 Votes)

Sabine Schaefers - Prospect Park on College Hill - East Side2 copy

Sixth Place: Snow Covered Bridge – Goddard Park – Therese Vezeridis (31 Votes)

Therese Vezeridis - Goddard Park Snow - East Greenwich2 copy

November 1st, 2010

We know, it’s that time of year again. Long gone are the 90 degree days and afternoons spent at the beach.  So as we take our mittens out of storage and start our annual celebration of sweater weather, should we not guard our homes the same way we do our being? With another Nor’easter right around the corner, the time has come to prepare our homes for the upcoming season. We have compiled this list of 4 Ways to Winterize Your Home’s Interior to aid you in this annual practice.

1. Prevent Heat Escaping and Cold Air Entering

Start by replacing all window screens with storm windows. You will then want to caulk both sides of the trim, so that cold air won’t be able to get through the cracks. For an extra layer of  protection, buy a window isolation kit from your local hardware store.

The crack between a door and its frame is one of the major ways that cold air can enter your home, so don’t forget to place weatherstripping around those openings as an extra precaution. Also, remember to inspect your windows, walls and doors for cracks. The cold can enter your home through any opening,  so you will want to seal all gaps, no matter how small.

2. Heating System Maintenance

Since it’s still somewhat warm out, now is a good time to hire a qualified professional to conduct your annual heating system inspection.

If you have forced hot air heating, make sure that your ducts are well insulated. To make air flow more effective, you should repair places where pipes are pinched and fix gaps with metal-backed tape. Dusty ducts can cause respiratory problems, so it is a good idea to vacuum your duct-work. Also, you will want to replace all of your old furnace filters with new ones and remember to change them monthly throughout the season. If you don’t already have one, now might be a good time to install a digital thermostat.

3. Prevent Freezing Pipes

In the winter, no one wants gallons of water spilling throughout their home. To prevent any possible plumbing freezes, you should make sure that all piping (especially in the basement, attic or garage) is properly insulated. If not, you can cover the pipes with commercial products. If your AC has a shut-off valve, you need to turn it off before the cold weather sets in. When the temperature is below freezing, it is critical that you leave the heat on to at least 55 degrees or your pipes may be susceptible to burst.

4. Protect Yourself

While you may not have to replace them (detectors last for up to 10 years), this is the perfect time to make sure that all of your smoke detectors are working smoothly. But don’t just press the button, test them with a small bit of smoke. In addition, it is recommended that you change the batteries.

Make sure that you have easy access to a fire extinguisher at all times. Also, it may also be a good idea to invest in a Carbon Monoxide detector.

Although home emergencies can be devastating in any season, these obstacles are especially daunting in the wintertime. The above steps to winterize the interior of your home are there to help ensure the safety and durability of your household in the upcoming season. While we can never know the exact conditions that the weather may thrust upon us, we can at least do our part to prepare our homes for harsh circumstances.?