August 29th, 2018

As summer is now coming to a close and kids are starting to get back into school there may be a need to get that summer reading book they never got around to, or there are new book assignments already. So if you are looking for that very late summer reading book, want to squeeze in one last beach read, want to continue a series you started this summer, or are seeking out a new bookstore to visit, this list is for you. Compiled below are a slew of bookstores across the state and even a few across the border:


Bank Square Books                 Savoy Bookshop and Cafe

Mystic, CT                                                        Westerly, RI

Bank Square Books in nearby Mystic and Savoy Bookshop and Cafe in Westerly are two incredible locally-owned locations to browse books. Both are close to the Atlantic Ocean giving you scenic locales perfect to inspire beach reading or stay in at the cafe. The staff organize great author meet and greets and storytimes year-round.


Barnes and Noble

 Warwick, Smithfield, and Middletown

Barnes and Noble are the big guys, but their large facilities and multiple locations make them a great spot to check out the newest releases from your favorite authors. Barnes and Noble hosts plenty of free events. If you were a fan of our previous board game post (check it out here) you will be happy to know that Barnes and Noble hosts game nights and has a great selection of tabletop games.


Barrington Books and Barrington Books Retold

Barrington and Cranston

Barrington Books has two locations, the flagship store in the Barrington town center and a second location in Garden City. Each location is a very walkable shopping area making it easy for you to pop in and browse the selection of books and unique gift ideas.


Books on the Square 


Books on the Square is aptly named for its great location right on Wayland Square. Step in before or after visiting the nearby cafes and catch a weekly storytime or author event. Books on the Square celebrated their 25th-anniversary last year and they remain a local favorite.


Island Books


Books on the Square celebrated their 25th last year and this year Island Books in Middletown has that honor. This local favorite has remained a hub for book lovers whether they be year-round islanders or just stopping by for the beaches. RI Monthly has consistently named them the best bookstore in Newport County since 2006.


Island Bound Bookstore

New Shoreham

Island Bound Bookstore is out on Block Island, so if you are stuck on the Island and hate what you brought or finished already check out this store’s wide selection. Island Bound features both NYT bestsellers as well as local books that capture the beauty and history of the island.


Paper Nautilus Books 


Paper Nautilus is heavily influenced by its proximity to College Hill and its renowned campuses. Paper Nautilus has an eclectic assortment of books and gifts.  Local authors are always in stock and the store prides itself on its H.P. Lovecraft selection. Head in and check out the collection and the visual art displays.


RiffRaff Bookstore


RiffRaff Bookstore is a one of a kind bookstore in the area, not only for its stock of books but in addition to a cafe, it also features a full bar. Discover books from independent presses and new voices as you sip on a cocktail or a coffee.


Stillwater Books 


Right by the historic Slater Mill is this independently owned bookstore filled with both new and used books. Stillwater Books is a huge supporter of local authors with its ever-growing collection, as well as having its own independent publishing company.


Symposium Books


Symposium Books is located downtown right on Westminster Street and provide a variety of new and used goods books as well as vinyl records. They are constantly adding to their collection and have a convenient delivery service for those in the area in need of a last minute gift. This is a popular spot in the heart of Providence for both young and old.


Wakefield Books 


Located inside the Wakefield Mall, Wakefield Books is a proud supporter of local authors and its community. They offer discounts for many events and local educators and host local authors monthly. Wakefield Books also has a 24/7 online store perfect for those who have a late night craving for a book.


In addition to these great stores offering both new and old these stores are exclusively used bookstores. Do not let that scare you away, these stores have a fantastic selection of books at a discounted price and an ever-revolving inventory. So stop at these locations and peruse the shelves:

Browser Books

Seekonk, MA

This bookstore just over the border in Massachusetts offers a wonderful variety of used books at a deep discount. Their inventory also includes audio books, comics, and a small selection of discounted new hardcovers. Call them up and clean off your shelves and have them buy back your books or textbooks and share with someone else.


Cellar Stories 


Cellar Stories is located in downtown Providence tucked away right near Trinity Rep. Their inventory of used books is the largest in the Ocean State featuring over around 70,000 volumes. While the books are constantly changing the quality is always top notch.



To see which locations are in your area and their addresses check out the map below:

July 21st, 2011

The East Bay - Rhode Island

Like lobster rolls and PawSox games, long lines at the local ice cream stands are a sure sign summer has arrived in Rhode Island. At Residential Properties Ltd., we are invested in the communities we serve, and in honor of National Ice Cream Month, we thought we would compile a list of some of the best scoops in Rhode Island.

Ice Cream Machine Co. is the place to be if you’re in the northern Rhode Island area. The stand was started in 1977 by a retired corporate executive with multiple sclerosis. He began selling homemade ice cream out of a one-car garage and quickly gained the attention of locals. Today, the Ice Cream Machine Co. is a Cumberland staple. The stand is located across the street from Diamond Hill State Park and offers massive scoops in more than sixty flavors. Agent Cheryl Davis recommends the Cinnamon in the summer and the Pumpkin flavor in the fall.

Those in the Providence area love Three Sisters on the East Side. This Hope St. staple was formerly dubbed “Maximillians”—the new owner changed the name to pay homage to his daughters. The interior has a sophisticated feel, and the store boasts 100 flavors of ice cream,  ranging from traditional to exotic. If you plan on indulging a little, you may want to top off your scoop with a little “goop,” a gooey concoction of peanut butter, chocolate and caramel. In addition, the cafe offers frozen yogurt for more health conscious customers. Agent Lenore Leach recommends the Black Raspberry, while Agent Bethany Calitri loves their Strawberry flavor. She is also a fan of their Tropical Tide Smoothie.

Those in the East Bay will love the Daily Scoop on County Road in Barrington and Thames Street in Bristol. After sampling high-quality ice cream on boat vacations, the owners decided to open stands in their natural community. Eight years later, the atmosphere at both locations reflects these nautical beginnings. Their mission is to use only the freshest ingredients and toppings, including fruit, and their waffle cones and ice cream cakes are handmade. Agent Stephanie Nickerson recommends the Coffee ice cream, while Agent Bonnie Koppelman applauds the Coconut Almond.

Those in the West Bay flock to Hill-top Creamery on Post Road in East Greenwich. It’s their soft-serve that drives the locals crazy, but the venue also has a variety of unique ice cream creations. If you’re in the mood for a delectable treat try Kay’s Famous Torch, a cone inside a cone concoction topped with an American Flag. But you don’t have to enjoy the scoops alone; the stand features ice cream for dogs, topped with a biscuit, allowing you to share the best of summer with your best friend. Manager of the East Greenwich office, Cheryl Eley, recommends the Baseball Cap Sundae (available in your favorite sports team), which seems sure to charm sports-lovers and taste-buds alike.

Brickley’s Homemade Ice Cream and Cakes has only been open for 13 years, but it’s already become an essential part of summer in South County. With two locations, one in Wakefield and the other in Narragansett, this is the perfect place to get a sugar fix on the way home from the beach. The owner doesn’t mess around with fancy flavors, but instead prefers to mix up forty-eight favorites each season using fresh ingredients. These scoops can then be topped with traditional mainstays like “jimmies,” hot fudge and caramel. Agent Judy Chace recommends the Mint Chocolate Chip.

Gray’s Ice Cream in Tiverton Four Corners has become synonymous with summer in Rhode Island. The stand has been in business for eighty eight years, and many locals have childhood memories there, waiting in line for a cone. Gray’s ability to remain as a permanent Rhode Island fixture is part of its charm, and just so, the menu has remained unchanged for many years. You can still order classic favorites and feed the remainder to the cows (Oscar and Emmy) in the adjacent paddock. While  variations in flavor and texture are exceptional, it’s the simple aesthetic and country atmosphere that make Gray’s such a beloved summertime destination.  Grey’s is so good even my daughter insisted on serving their flavors with her wedding cake.