February 8th, 2018

Lock Door Brass Bolt Paint Locked Padlock Gate


For the past several years Escape Rooms have been opening their doors and locking them behind us.
Escape Rooms provide an experience where you and up to 10 people, depending on the room, are locked inside and tasked with getting out. The only way to unlock the room is for you and your group to work together and solve the series of clues and riddles that the mastermind creators have concocted. Each room has a different theme or storyline to explain why you have been locked inside and why you only have one hour to get out.

Escape Rooms are perfect for parties or just a get together with a group of friends. It is possible for multiple groups to go in the same room if you do not have enough people in your initial group. So it can even be a great place to meet new people. These rooms also offer a good opportunity for you and your coworkers to do some fun team building.

Discussion is key. Found a key? Let everyone know. Have a thought on the riddle? Discuss. Does something look funny or remind you of something a message said? Work it out with your teammates and try to smash the record time, or simply make sure that your group photo at the end does not have you holding up a sign that exclaims to the world that you could not escape.

These rooms usually cost under $30 per person and can be booked in advance or scheduled for a certain time. Here are the top rooms in the state.

Escape RI

Located on South Main Street on the East Side of Providence, Escape RI was founded by Ethan Carlson and Escape Industries. Ethan got his Mechanical Engineering degree from Yale University and has used his knowledge to create technologically based puzzles. Rooms are based off HP Lovecraft, reclusive billionaires and their secrets, and military test bunkers among others. Escape RI keeps things fresh by retiring one room and introducing a new one every few months. So this place can never get stale. The intricate, handmade puzzles give you an experience most people can not replicate at home.

Escape RI offers a true immersion experience with a storyline, as well as electronic timers that can also show hints. “The Bunker” has been a popular attraction, allowing for up to 10 players, but has just a 14% success rate. Their newest room is “Andromeda Station” where up to six people returning from a space mission try to figure out why the space station is on lockdown.

Bunker ERI

To take your shot at success, check out their website at EscapeRhodeIsland.com, or if you have additional questions email them at pvd@escaperhodeisland.com.

Lock and Clue

Lock and Clue is located at the Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket and offers multiple experiences, from backstage of a reality show to try to escape from a murderous butcher. Lock and Clue has great hosts along with separate game operators for each room making sure everyone gets the full attention of staff members. The hosts wear costumes and act in character when bringing groups into their room in order to engross players. Lock and Clue uses sound effects, music, and lighting to create unique puzzles and captivates their customers.

Lock and Clue has recently diverted from the norm of other escape rooms by making any booking private, meaning that no matter how many slots are empty they will not be filled with another group.

Lock and Clue is currently working on a large expansion, which they hope will make them New England’s largest escape room in terms of size. When completed, the expansion will result in a total of seven rooms and almost 9,000 square feet. They have also recently completed the “Zany Zoo,” an escape room designed specifically for kids age 7-11.


Businesses will be pleased to know the Lock and Clue has an attached kitchen and serving area, along with a conference room with digital projector perfect for meetings and completing teamwork exercises.

If you have interest in reserving a room with them check out their website at LockandClue.com or for questions contact them at info@lockandclue.com.

The Great Escape Room

The Great Escape room is a national chain that has made a home right in Downtown Providence at 146 Westminster Street. Many of the rooms have a Sherlock Holmes theme and include Holmes’ very own Library and Moriarty’s Gameroom. The Great Escape makes their rooms more intimate by putting a facilitator in the room in order to give clues and answer any questions participants may have. They also employ a scavenger hunt into their rooms, forcing participants to gather the clues to solve the larger puzzles. Their newest room, the President’s bunker, deviates from the usual Sherlock theme and instead has you attempt to avert a nuclear disaster.

great escape room

To show off your inner Sherlock or if you have questions, head to their website at TheGreatEscapeRoom.com or contact them at Providence@TheGreatEscapeRoom.com

RI Riddle Room

While not having escape in the name The Riddle Room is still an escape the room experience that offers two rooms of varying difficulty. Located at 20 Water Street in East Greenwich, The Riddle Room was founded by Rhode Island natives Kara Zanni and Byron Delmonico. Their goal for the rooms has been to not only create engaging puzzles but also to capture the audience with deep storytelling that makes players feel connected to the course of events. The storylines for the rooms are based on real-life local events and locations, while the props they use have an authentic feel that will make you feel like Atwells Ave moved to East Greenwich. Their newest room, La Cosa Nostra, is a Federal Hill mobster themed room.

Riddle Room

To check out their rooms with local flavor go to their website at RIRiddleRoom.com or email them at ContactUs@RIRiddleRoom.com.

December 8th, 2017

524 Tillinghast Exterior

Photo Courtesy of Janis Cappello


Residential Properties Ltd. would like to announce the sale of 524 Tillinghast Road in East Greenwich for $1,185,000. The buyer’s agent was Sales Associate Jim DeRentis of RPL’s Providence office.

According to MLS data, this is the third highest Single Family sale in East Greenwich this year.

Sitting down a long driveway headed by a gated entrance this impressive stone estate is the definition of luxury. Inside you will find an incredible Library with cherry walls and built in shelves. Cooks will enjoy the Chef’s Kitchen with Sub-Zero and Thermador appliances, built-ins, and two granite countertop islands. While back outside a lovely deck area steps down to an incredible stone garden.

The buyer’s agent, Jim DeRentis was a recipient of the 2016 Circle of Sales Excellence Platinum Plus Award, and has been included on Real Trends’ list of “America’s Top Real Estate Agents”. To learn more about DeRentis and view his current listings, please visit ThePVDRealEstateGuy.com.

December 4th, 2017


Every year the Residential Properties Ltd. Relocation Department hosts an award show for the year-end company meeting. The event offers a perfect occasion for the agents to mingle, while also providing the company with the opportunity to honor and acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments throughout the year.


Here are the 2017 honorees:


Best New Relo Agent Award:

Jim Nispel, Cumberland


Best Rental Agent Award (Best at finding rentals for clients):

Ted Bourque, Cumberland

Mary O’Brien, Providence

Bibi Arditte, Barrington

Jan Lyle Malcolm, Barrington

Michael Taylor, East Greenwich


E Lead Excellence Award (Excel in providing service to leads that come in through our website for non-RPL listings):

Ted Bourque, Cumberland

Ramiro Encizo, Providence

Patrick Murray, Narragansett

Sandy Conway, East Greenwich

Claudia Maiorana, Barrington


Third Party Excellence Award (Agents who put client first despite extenuating circumstances):

Nancy Weaver, Barrington

Elizabeth Kirk, Barrington

Lisa Schryver, Barrington

Rebecca Mayer, Providence

Gerri Schiffman, Providence


Military on the Move Award (Agents who have helped relocate the most military members this year):

Mike Plante, Cumberland

Ali L’Heureux, Cumberland

Kerri Payne, Barrington

Mary O’Brien, Providence

Patrick Murray, Narragansett

Jan Lyle Malcolm, Barrington


Corporate Leads Award (Agents who have helped the Relocation Department acquire Corporate accounts):

Michael Taylor, East Greenwich, Astro Nova

Kerri Payne, Barrington, University Orthopedics

Jim DeRentis, Providence, RI Quality Control


Corporate Development Award (Recently assisted with a diversity project for Brown University and Lifespan):

David Abbott, Providence

Ralph Curti, Providence  

Ramiro Encizo, Providence


To the Rescue Award (Agent that came through with last minute requests):

Michael Taylor, East Greenwich


Most Difficult Transaction Award:

Barbara Dacey, Providence

Kira Greene, Providence


The Best Find Award (Agents who transferred to Residential Properties this year):

Sara Heathcote, Cumberland, Century 21

Lauren Schaller, Barrington, Mott and Chace

Elizabeth Cooper, Barrington, Mott and Chace


The “Yes” Award (Reliable agents who do not say no):

Jan Lyle Malcolm, Barrington

Ted Bourque, Cumberland

Marisa Ferris, Narragansett

Sasha Mellor, East Greenwich

Barbara Rhine, Providence


BPO to List Award (Consistently acquired corporate listings over competition):

Barbara Dacey, Providence

Rob Williamson, Cumberland

Janice Geddes, Cumberland

Debbie Mann, East Greenwich


Guaranteed to Go Together Award (Consistently close deals):

Ryan Antrop, Cumberland

Michelle Snoeren, East Greenwich

Mary Ann Lisi, Narragansett

Ted Friedman, Barrington

Rockwell and Pierard Team, Providence


Above and Beyond Award (Agents who went the extra mile):

Jan Lyle Malcolm, Barrington

Sasha Mellor, East Greenwich

Michael Taylor, East Greenwich

Debby Smith, Cumberland

Rockwell and Pierard Team, Providence


Listing Excellence Award (Think outside the box to stage and creatively sell properties):

Denise D’Amico, East Greenwich

John Bessette, Cumberland


Relo Academy Graduates (Successfully completed the RELO Academy Program):

JANUARY: Bev Chittim, Barrington; Anna Clancy, Barrington; Ramiro Encizo, Providence; Beth Farrell, Narragansett; Ben Fontaine, Narragansett; Ted Friedman, Barrington; Betsy Friedman, Barrington; Gina Henao, East Greenwich; Claudia Maiorana, Barrington; Chris Murphy, Cumberland; Jim Nispel, Cumberland; Victor Pereira, Providence; Barbara Rhine, Providence; Kimberly Swanson, East Greenwich  

OCTOBER: Annalise Cohen, Providence; Bethany Johnsen, Providence; Derek Hitchener, East Greenwich; Elizabeth Cooper, Barrington; Lauren Schaller, Barrington; Lindsay Mitchell, Barrington; Lisa Duffy, Barrington; Maria Lambrou, Cumberland; Michele Caprio, East Greenwich; Paula Work, Narragansett; Sara Heathcote, Cumberland; Susan Flynn, East Greenwich


MarTech Award (Best utilization of RPL’s Marketing and Technology services):

BRONZE: Lisa Schryver, Barrington

SILVER: Kevin Fox, Providence

GOLD: Jim DeRentis, Providence


Best Leading RE Agent Award (Outstanding service in helping network member customers relocate to RI):

Debby Smith, Cumberland

Carolyn Drumm, East Greenwich

Rockwell and Pierard Team, Providence

Bev Chittim, Barrington


#1 Office Outgoing Referrals Award (Office that sent out the most outgoing referrals):

East Greenwich Office


Most Outgoing Referrals Sent Award:

Gerri Schiffman, Providence


Team Excellence Award (Real Estate teams that showcase excellence in teamwork):

Friedman Real Estate Group, Barrington

Antrop and Williamson Team, Cumberland

Rockwell and Pierard Team, Providence

DeMascole, Rossi, and Mann Associates, East Greenwich


Best Relocation Manager Award (Manager that exemplified RELO Excellence):

Michele Caprio, East Greenwich


Corporate Service Award (Do not lose customers by representing the RPL brand in an excellent manner):

Pat Murphy, Cumberland

Ryan Antrop, Cumberland

Laurie Fletcher, Barrington


Service Excellence Award (Outstanding personal service):

Debbie Mann, East Greenwich

Ryan Antrop, Cumberland

Chris Ardente, Barrington

Paula Morrison, Providence

Kira Greene, Providence


Woman of the Year Award:

Barbara Dacey, Providence


Man of the Year Award:

Ted Bourque, Cumberland


The Diamond Award (Demonstrated the Highest Degree of Service):

Kerri Payne, Barrington


Residential Properties also honors agents who have provided over 15 years of service to the company. Here are the agents who were recognized for their outstanding dedication, loyalty, and commitment to Residential Properties Ltd.:

RPL Longevity Award:

15 YEARS: Fredda Korber, Barrington; Sherry Snow, Barrington

20 YEARS: Celia Almonte, Providence;  Anna Clancy, Barrington; Sandy Conca, Providence; Elizabeth Messier, Relocation Department; Wanda Vanier, Barrington

25 YEARS: Ralph Curti, Providence; Barbara Stamp, Barrington

30 YEARS: Ellen Kasle, Providence


At this year’s award show our President, CEO, and Co-Founder Sally Lapides was honored with a special presentation and leadership award for all she has done and continues to do on a daily basis.  

Thank you to all of our agents who put forth such fantastic effort to help make Residential Properties Ltd. the most successfully brokerage in the state.