January 8th, 2019

RPL Welcomes Team Applegate

Residential Properties Ltd is excited to announce the formation of Team Applegate. The team is made up of Broker Associate Holly Applegate, and her husband Sales Associate Bill Applegate.

Holly Applegate originally became an agent in 1991, but four years later became Manager of RPL’s Cumberland office and accomplished so much in her 24 years there. Under Holly’s care, the Cumberland office blossomed and under her tutelage, a culture of talented and loyal agents bloomed.

“I had the daunting challenge of re-building the office. I was the only agent when I took on the task. I started by myself, listed and sold properties, and then hired the best agents I could find. I feel very proud of what I accomplished by building a vibrant office with incredibly talented, successful, and loyal agents. The Cumberland office is in a good place for me to step down.”

As a Manager, Holly was afforded a deep knowledge of today’s real estate world from helping the agents in her office.

Prior to becoming an agent Bill Applegate primarily worked in the sales of higher technology products and systems. Bill sold to a diverse clientele across the globe, which Bill states taught him the value of listening and understanding and that “You can educate and be educated at the same time.”

Bill also previously worked at RPL as part of our award-winning Marketing and Technology Department where he observed the success of various agents and learned more valuable lessons. “My biggest takeaway from all this was that Real Estate is more than the properties for sale.  The people involved – agents, sellers, buyers, and the myriad of folks doing mortgages, appraisals, inspections, etc. – are the important elements which deserve your undivided attention.”

Team Applegate will be members of our Providence office. When asked why Providence instead of Cumberland, where Holly has been for nearly a quarter century, Holly stated:

“Bill and I raised our family in Cumberland, but always had strong roots to the East Side through our ties to Lincoln School, Brown, RISD, and The Players at Barker Playhouse. We moved to the historic Benefit Street in June of 2006 and now are only a walk away from the office! Another special reason for working in the Providence office is because my mother, Patricia Blackall, a beloved real estate broker, worked there for many years.”

The husband and wife team are celebrating their 44th anniversary this year and say the opportunity to work together was a driving force in their decision to create this team. Both expressed their respect for each other and that their strengths complement each other perfectly.

The goals of the team are to strengthen their bonds with the community and build new relationships that strengthen their outreach and better support the real estate market. Team Applegate is excited to help you realize your dreams and want to let you know that:

“We are committed to listening and offering the highest level of service, the latest marketing tools provided by our company, and exceeding your expectations. We measure our success through your success.”

To find out more about Holly, Bill, and Team Applegate and view their current listings. please visit their bio page at ResidentialProperties.com.

January 7th, 2019


Residential Properties is excited to announce the sale of 61 Cooke Street for $2.45 million, making it the highest sale on the East Side in 2018. This historic home was co-listed by Sales Associates David Abbott and Liz Bodell.

According to MLS, Residential Properties has listed 24 of the 34 East Side properties to sell for over $1 million during 2018.

61 Cooke Street, a classic East Side home and a significant Colonial Revival landmark has been passed into the hands of new stewards, thus sustaining the neighborhood’s robust and varied architectural richness for present and future generations to enjoy. This gem of the Gilded Age was designed for a vibrant household, and those aspects that were so attractive in 1900 are even more so now as the result of a complete renovation. Tall ceilings, gracious spaces, and numerous elegant architectural details make this home a treasure to own.

Co-Listing Agents, David Abbott and Liz Bodell, are both members of RPL’s Providence office. To find out more about them and view their current listings, visit their agent bio page at ResidentialProperties.com.

December 28th, 2018
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In addition to the fireworks, champagne, musical guests, New Year’s kiss, bowl games, and Winter Classic there are many other ways to celebrate the Earth making another rotation around the Sun and the calendar flipping to a new year. These are some of the ways that many will say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019.

grapes 2Spain:

In Spain eating 12 grapes at midnight is customary, once for each chime. Before you ask we are pretty sure one glass of wine does not count, and neither do 12 glasses of wine.


In Denmark, they lovingly throw plates and other dishware against the doors of their neighbors in order to ward off bad spirits. In a less destructive tradition, Danes also stand on top of chairs and jump together and leap into the new year.


In the Philippines, they display round shapes everywhere from the clothes to the thresholds and centerpieces. The round shapes represent coins and are displayed in the hopes of bringing a prosperous new year.

Colombia and Chilé:suitcase-1463297709CFu

Colombians carry empty suitcases around in the hope that next year will bring many new travels and adventures. Chileans looking to travel also share this tradition, they also traditionally wear yellow underwear.


If you’re deciding which underwear to pull on Italians traditionally wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring forth luck. Italians also like to eat pig’s feet and lentils. We would not suggest combining these traditions into one.


If you are visiting a Scottish household during the New Year bring a gift. The first guest to cross the threshold in the new year is expected to bring a gift and spread good luck.

Puerto Rico and Latin America:

In Puerto Rico and many other Latin American countries they celebrate Ańo Viejo by throwing buckets of water out of the window or cleaning the home to signify a fresh start. Another way to say goodbye to the old year is to burn an effigy that represents the past calendar year.


Those are just a small number of traditions from around the world. We would love to hear what yours are in the comments below, and no matter what your traditions are, even if it’s to go to bed at 8PM, we want to wish you a fantastic 2019 full of opportunities and delight.