We are officially past Halloween and on our way to the winter holidays. Many though are not ready to give up the spookiness that is Halloween and are looking for a way to enjoy the fall weather – especially during the upcoming long weekend. Some of Rhode Island’s most haunted places are also home to some of the state’s most beautiful scenery.

Fort Wetherill



Fort Wetherill is a former coast artillery fort built around 1900 on top of Fort Dumpling, an old Revolutionary War stronghold. During British occupation, many troops told of a black dog that chased them throughout the fortification. To this day, even with the fort in disarray, there are still accounts of a black dog roaming the grounds among other hauntings. The Fort Wetherill State Park sits right on the coast overlooking Narragansett Bay and can be a great place for a picnic or looking for one of a kind coastal view, as long as you aren’t chased by a dog.

Benefit Street

East Side of Providence

Historic Benefit Street

Benefit Street is a gorgeous historic street on the East Side of Providence known for its array of preserved homes. Of course with all of that history and beauty, some homeowners and guests would want to stick around. Many of the houses in the area are well known for haunts and are regularly shown on ghost tours in Providence. So take a walk and bask in this idyllic New England Street lined with trees and idyllic homes.

Newport Mansions


Laurie Fletcher - From Rosecliff Mansion - Newport1

The Newport Mansions are glorious monuments to individuals and are well-maintained and available for touring. The grounds are spotless and many individuals, including Jennifer Lawrence, rent them out to host lavish weddings and other events. Like Benefit Street, with all the years of history and glitz, you would have to know that these old homes are some of the most haunted places in Rhode Island, while also being some of the most beautiful. Tales of hauntings are told of many of these homes including The Breakers, which is said to be visited by the ghost of Alice Vanderbilt. The grounds and halls of these beautiful homes are a treat to behold year-round and a great reason to visit Newport even in the non-Summer months.

Monastery Grounds



The Cumberland Public Library is always a great place to visit and look through the shelves and pick out a good book to read while waiting out a winter storm or even to sit out on a sunny day. The building was once a monastery and is said to be visited by a phantom monk, while the grounds with their scenic walking paths are said to be inhabited by the ghosts of nine militiamen. These paths are something to behold, ghosts or not, and are great places to appreciate the local flora and beauty.

Colt State Park



Colt State Park doesn’t seem like it would be haunted with its multitude of lovely campsites, sports parks, and beach that occupy the over 450 acres of land. However, with Rhode Island being as old as it is, anything can be haunted. There are sightings of a stablehand who worked at the farm that was once on the lands along with young girls who drowned in the nearby waters. If you don’t see them, enjoy the beautiful views of Poppasquash Neck that look out over the sparkling waters.

Rhode Island is filled with many haunted places, but whether you believe in ghosts or not check out some of these public spots and enjoy Rhode Island’s rich history and great beauty. Bring a camera and snap a few pictures. Maybe you’ll capture some great landscape photos, or perhaps something will show up you weren’t expecting.

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