Rhode Island-based real estate brokerage Residential Properties Ltd. has responded to the increased traffic of overseas buyers by opening an office in London’s West End.

“We are proud to be the only brokerage in Rhode Island to partner with Mayfair International Realty,” says Sally Lapides. “Over the past few years, the U.S. has seen more buyers than ever from Europe and from the UK in particular. A number so significant it is affecting the way we market our clients’ homes.”IMG_8206

Rather than waiting for buyers to come to them, the innovative firm has decided to go to the buyers instead. The firm expects its clients to love the added coverage their homes will now receive, while buyers will appreciate the easy access they have to the Rhode Island market.

The office is located in the heart of London’s West End. “It is the perfect position,” explains Sally. “This district of London is very exclusive. It’s rather like the Upper East Side in Manhattan or Georgetown in Washington DC.”

The Residential Properties Ltd. team in London is highly experienced in international real estate. Not only that, they are real experts at property marketing and real estate media. With a combined real estate experience of over ninety years, the London personnel are able to offer Residential Properties Ltd’s clients the very best coverage for their homes.

Real estate is no longer a local business, it has gone international. Residential Properties Ltd’s London office acts as a gateway to Europe and has real estate connections in many European countries.

IMG_8219Of particular importance is the internet site that offers properties exposure to the global market and uploads to other premier UK based websites. The highly prominent website ( provides a worldwide portal for luxury properties. Residential Properties Ltd enjoys the unique benefit of having its listings uploaded to the property search site of Country Life ( Country Life is regarded as the leading UK magazine for luxury real estate. Over the past one hundred years Country Life has been the finest place to advertise the very best country houses, estates and important townhouses in the UK and Europe, and over the past few years, throughout the globe.

Residential Properties Ltd’s listings will now also be uploaded to the property search site of the Financial Times ( The Financial Times is arguably the most important financial print tool in the industry. It reaches high net worth individuals and their trusted advisors throughout the world.

Combining the new office in London with an already existing affiliation with Luxury Portfolio and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Residential Properties Ltd. has assured its clients that their listings will be available to potential buyers in over 60 countries worldwide.

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