In addition to the fireworks, champagne, musical guests, New Year’s kiss, bowl games, and Winter Classic there are many other ways to celebrate the Earth making another rotation around the Sun and the calendar flipping to a new year. These are some of the ways that many will say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019.

grapes 2Spain:

In Spain eating 12 grapes at midnight is customary, once for each chime. Before you ask we are pretty sure one glass of wine does not count, and neither do 12 glasses of wine.


In Denmark, they lovingly throw plates and other dishware against the doors of their neighbors in order to ward off bad spirits. In a less destructive tradition, Danes also stand on top of chairs and jump together and leap into the new year.


In the Philippines, they display round shapes everywhere from the clothes to the thresholds and centerpieces. The round shapes represent coins and are displayed in the hopes of bringing a prosperous new year.

Colombia and Chilé:suitcase-1463297709CFu

Colombians carry empty suitcases around in the hope that next year will bring many new travels and adventures. Chileans looking to travel also share this tradition, they also traditionally wear yellow underwear.


If you’re deciding which underwear to pull on Italians traditionally wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring forth luck. Italians also like to eat pig’s feet and lentils. We would not suggest combining these traditions into one.


If you are visiting a Scottish household during the New Year bring a gift. The first guest to cross the threshold in the new year is expected to bring a gift and spread good luck.

Puerto Rico and Latin America:

In Puerto Rico and many other Latin American countries they celebrate Ańo Viejo by throwing buckets of water out of the window or cleaning the home to signify a fresh start. Another way to say goodbye to the old year is to burn an effigy that represents the past calendar year.


Those are just a small number of traditions from around the world. We would love to hear what yours are in the comments below, and no matter what your traditions are, even if it’s to go to bed at 8PM, we want to wish you a fantastic 2019 full of opportunities and delight. 

Eddy Giorgi


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