If you happen to be walking around College Hill this holiday weekend, you may notice the architectural magnificence and overwhelming character that allows it to be one of American Planning Associates “Top 10 Great Neighborhoods for 2011”. The area is a wonderful place to live – home to Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, and the many eclectic shops and restaurants of Thayer Street.

The character of College Hill can certainly be seen through the buildings and structures that exist in this historic area, but the community is what sets it apart from other locations. The recognition of being a “Top 10  Neighborhood” by APA comes from the cultural and environmental awareness. College Hill is constantly finding innovative ways to create a sustainable area, while preserving the historical and architectural characteristics that make it unique.

The University culture of Brown and RISD make the importance of these concepts obvious as they integrate refreshing ideas into the community every day. Exploring the vast mix of restaurants, shops and scenery of College Hill provides for a rich cultural experience. With so many things to do and see, this arsty neighborhood is universally appealing. Checking out the reasons why College Hill is a “Top 10 Neighborhood” would be the perfect way to spend an afternoon, or weekend.

As a company who markets the atmosphere and architecture that make College Hill so original, this has almost become second nature to us.  As we take a step back, it is fascinating to see the significance of this neighborhood and how it has developed to be a cultural identity for the city of Providence.

Bill Applegate

Bill Applegate


Bill is the manager of the Marketing and Public Relations department. He finds the Real Estate market to be similar to his past in technology marketing – the only constant is change.

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