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May 18th, 2015



You may have noticed the thousands of flyers posted around the city of Providence offering a reward for finding a missing unicorn. What you may not know is that the flyers are all part of a public art exhibit which has captured the imagination of people around the world and is now being hosted at Residential Properties Ltd.’s corporate office at 140 Wickenden Street on the East Side of Providence.

The unicorn adventure started in 2010 when flyers began showing up all around New York City announcing a missing unicorn in Central Park. Soon, hundreds of calls began flooding the Unicorn Hotline, major media outlets started covering the story, and a billboard was even donated to the cause. The search for the unicorn quickly went viral as millions of people from over 120 countries around the world participated by calling the hotline, visiting the website, and uploading images.

Built around visual art by Camomile Hixon and curated by Helene Miller, this public art adventure has now been brought to Rhode Island by the Partnership for Providence Parks and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The legend of the unicorn spans across many different cultures as a unifying idea that sparks the imagination and creativity in all of us. In fact, Hixon says that the Missing Unicorn has not only been an interactive public art display, but has also served as a form of public therapy as well. “Many people who call don’t even talk about the unicorn,” explains Hixon. “They end up talking about themselves and what may be missing from their own lives.”

If you have any information on the missing unicorn, or would just like to get involved, please visit the phone booth at RPL’s corporate office to leave a message on the Unicorn Hotline. Select messages will be displayed on the the Missing Unicorn website and could even be used as audio for future exhibits.


May 11th, 2015

500 largest brokers

Residential Properties Ltd. was recently included in the REAL Trends 500, a  comprehensive list of the 500 largest and most successful residential real estate firms in the entire country. The companies are ranked in two separate lists, one by closed transaction sides and one by closed sales volume.

RPL was one of only three Rhode Island brokerages to be included on the Real Trends 500, and is the state’s only independent real estate company to appear on the list.

RPL ranked 291st in the entire country with $607,444,018 in closed sales volume, and was listed 460th in closed transaction sides with a total of 1,572.

For additional information or to view the complete list, please visit the REAL Trends website

May 7th, 2015

460Rochambeau   (2) (crop)

Residential Properties Ltd. has successfully completed the sale of the William E. and Clara A. Bridgham Estate for the price of $4,000,000, closing one of the last intact family estates on Providence’s historic East Side after just 68 days on the market. The RPL sales team of Markham + DeRentis Associates represented the sellers, while the buyer’s agent was RPL Sales Associate Rebecca Rubin.

Residential Properties Ltd. has a reputation and a strong track record of success when it comes to selling historic homes, especially on the East Side of providence. “We were very proud to have our company representing both sides of this very important East Side property,” says James DeRentis, founding member of Markham + DeRentis Associates.

Nancy Markham and Jim DeRentis

N. Markham and J. DeRentis

Rebecca Rubin

Rebecca Rubin

Located at 460 Rochambeau Avenue, the estate is set on nearly four acres of property bordered by Cole Avenue to the west, Rochambeau Avenue to the south, and Blackstone Boulevard to the east. The original Spanish Colonial Revival manor house, which was designed by Eleazer B. Homer in 1915 for Rhode Island School of Design instructor Wm. Bridgham and his wife Clara, consists of over 9,400 square feet of living space on two levels. The estate also includes a two story carriage house with an attached greenhouse and a beautifully renovated second floor apartment, as well as a series of terraced gardens, fountains, a maze hedge, grape arbor, and a Scandinavian inspired garden hut built in 1937.

Markham + DeRentis Associates are among Rhode Island’s most successful real estate teams and were recently included on the 2014 Real Trends America’s Best Real Estate Agents report. For more information on Markham + DeRentis, please visit their website at

Rubin spent most of her life living on the East Side of Providence and prides herself on her knowledge and passion for the area. To learn more about Rebecca, please visit her bio page.